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Almost like flying!


Hi, My name is Eric Arnow.

If you have taken a look around my website here, you can see that I am interested in bringing out the best in yourself. Whether that means more wealth, more love, more happiness or more wisdom, this site is for you.

I’ve devoted my whole adult life,since I graduated from the University in 1970, to cultivation, self cultivation, that is. It’s been quite a journey, from Zen student to Zen monk, then 18 years in business, then retiring to travel mostly in Asia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the vast reaches of China, Beiing’s Forbidden City, the great historical and cultural sites of Ancient China, I have seen a lot.

I believe in looking where most people don’t look. As it’s said in the book Zen Baggage, by writer/translator Bill Porter, aka Red Pine, “if you want to be Enlightened, leave your country.” However, you can also take the inner journey and find out what is inside, you will undoubtedly be surprised!

While I have spent most of my life studying Zen, I recently thought that modern approaches to self development and personal growth can be valuable as well. They complement each other. So I will take some of these courses and tell you about them, as well as explaining how some of the concepts in Zen can be applied to the modern world, for people just like you!

Welcome to my site.

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