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Appreciation Journal: Attracting Abundance And Prosperity By Expressing Gratitude And Thankfulness


Keeping an appreciation journal can be a crucial part of attracting abundance and prosperity. So how do we practice Gratitude?

By acknowledging all the occasions, things, and people you value, you will rapidly get out of the “whining” mode and right into “happy” mode, increasing your vibration. And with that, you’ll begin to draw more of the things you’re currently happy about.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we concentrate on, we draw to us. And if you ever had any doubts about that, simply give it a shot. Ever notice how your days go from bad to worse as you grumble and resent all the important things in your life that make you uncomfortable– or that you THINK make you uncomfortable?

It’s clear enough that if you think enough about them, that’s where you’ll stay, and that’s exactly what you’ll keep getting. Do you really desire to offer them the complete satisfaction of effectively making you unhappy, too? You can turn things around. For the unlikeliest things. Among my favorites: I forgot who it was, however in reaction to bumpy rides, somebody said he would give thanks for the obstacles that make life such a growth experience.

An accident? Ah, just another development experience! Thank you! So let’s appreciate all the learning lessons that bless our lives. Often the easy things, the things that we typically take for granted, work just as well as reasons to be grateful.

Express thankfulness. Express Gratitude. Is today a lovely day? Express appreciation. Do you own or have access to something, anything, you delight in? A book, a CD, a piece of clothing or precious jewelry (no fancy metals and minerals needed)? Express thankfulness. The opportunities are there.  Numerous things could be written into your appreciation journal.

Thankfulness, specifically as a path towards higher prosperity and abundance, works the same way. Things begin working much better. Possibly some new signs of success come very rapidly, possibly they’ll take a while. In any case, you can be assured that as long as you keep grumbling, you’ll keep knocking any inbound signs of success away like flies. So stop fussing and welcome whatever it is that’s flowing into your life. Express appreciation. Express gratitude. Express gratitude. Express thankfulness. Chances are there are lots of things that are worthy of to be composed into your gratitude journal.

We often take for granted what we have. For example, I met a nice woman by chance and she was really hungry, needed to get to a good vegan restaurant, across town, about a 30 minute or less bike ride. I was thinking, how many people don’t have a choice of what food to eat, or even money to go to a restaurant. We have a lot to be grateful for. Even if you are reading this online, most people in the world don’t have online access, and some don’t even have electricity or running water! So yeah, we have a lot to be grateful for. If we want more out of life, we start being grateful for what we have, and then aspire to more, don’t you think?

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