Mental Traps– A Quiz That’ll Change How You Think

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A thousand light bulbs lit up in my head when this
eye-opening test brought me face-to-face with my past.

More specifically, the parts of my childhood that, as it
turns out, have been quietly blocking my ability to earn,
achieve and grow at my highest potential.

It’s kinda funny, you know?

I’ve invested years of my life into growing myself,
untangling my inner knots, and mastering my habits
and emotions…

Only to realize, through a few simple questions, that
some of my biggest blocks come from seemingly
insignificant conversations with my parents…

A one-off encounter with the schoolyard bully in
fourth grade…

And even something I heard my favorite actor say
on TV…

How does this happen?

Because in your childhood, your mind is like a
super-absorbent sponge…

Soaking up every word, every lesson and every
experience, in the deepest corners of your subconscious.

Then, all this information forms an IMPRINT in your

Which permanently controls your thoughts, emotions
and beliefs without you even realizing it.

Dare you come face-to-face with the childhood imprints
holding back your career, finances and life?

Try the test – it only takes 30 seconds.


~ Eric

P.S. The first step to clearing the subconscious land
mines in your head is to know exactly where they are,
and what caused them.

That’s what you’ll find out through this [fascinating test]…